Monday, February 16, 2009

Fashion -1908

I continue to work on the pieces for the "Urban Texture" Exhibit but in between drying dyed fibers and short breaks I work on the next Exhibit that Articulation has set up for next year and that is "Women Rock." Our inspiration is from Banff and the Rockies. I will be in residency at the Leighton Studio at the Banff Art Center in March for 3 weeks to work on my research and some of the pieces. As I prepare the work I'm am looking at a number of different angles to pull from and one is the fashion of the early 1900s. I have been reading a bit about Mary Schaffer ( a woman explorer of the area and I can not image trekking threw the Rockies in what the women of that era wore.
I have a small collection of old needle art magaizines and just happen to have one displying patterns for Blouses. Not sure where this is going yet but thought I would share some of the patterns.

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