Thursday, December 15, 2011

We have the Keys!!!

So its done! We have the keys to our old new home and so very excited about it. It will be awhile before we move in as we still have a house to sell and there are a lot of renovations to do on this place but still excited. The house is over 100 years and we have nearly 55 acres so lot of room for me to plan out a spot for the new studio and garden beds with lot of plants that I can dye with.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Local Shopping

Its always good to get out of the studio and do a bit of retail therapy occasionally. This past weekend I took a drive up river with family members to check out Darren Emenau 's shop . Darren is a very unique potter who's work is very organic and tactile. May be the reason that I am drawn to it and more of his work will be on my must to have list. I did pick up a couple of cereal bowls for Xmas gifts . These clay pieces are food and dishwasher save which is really amazing that one can throw the art work in to the dishwasher

I really am trying to be about local shopping lately but since New Brunswick no longer has Cotton mills, a local quilt store has to do. The The River Gallery in Glenwood is another favorite place for me to visit . A tiny shop, not far from Darren's ,that is pack with the fabrics I love . Sandy carries a large collection of batiks , hand dyes, Japanese fabric, hand dyed wools plus the tools and books . I just have to remember to go by myself some day if I want to spend any money because going with non fiber people I don't get much time to shop. I did go threw the sale basket and for $20. picked out 6 meters that I think I can make work - some day.