Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding Proof - Finding Motivation

So life is busy between work on the old farm house and then trying to get some work done in studio. I have to admit the work is very slow in the studio and it is difficult to get motivated but I have some silk scarves that I am preparing for the Co-op so that may be the kick start .I was hoping as we started the work on the old house that we would find something to help date it.and the other day we did. Because of the design of the house I had suspected it was between 100-130 years old. Wayne discovered the age when he was lifting the floor boards from a closet. On top of the floor was layers of wall paper but underneath someone decide to leave a few sheets of the Weekly Sun St John NB  January 8 1896. Of course we can't be sure that its the excite date but suspect it is very close.

The wall paper floors are intriguing and maybe even something I could work with but we do plan on trying to reuse as much as possible so these too will be cleaned and restained.

The weather is most unusual for this time of year and even though we have had some very cold days there are some are some spots on the farm that is making the best of it.

Ferns growin gin the well Jan 26 2012.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Neighbours and the work contiues

Not sure who the new neighbours are at the farm but I walked down to the winter pond to see if I could identify their foot prints. I am going to assume the they may be coyote as the spread and print were fairly large. Getting a dog is sounding like a good idea but we'll decide once we live out there.

Now that we have made the mud room and office liveable we have started the reconstruction up stairs. We painted the 4 bedrooms so we have to be careful as we lift out the old floors that we will plane, stain, rotor a tongue and groove for each board then place them back in . So far it looks like we will be able to save most of the 100+ year old planks which some are over 10” wide.

It is all very exciting but studio life is sort of being pushed to the back ground except for packing
Square head nails are stacking up

Its my job to remeve the nails

Wayne painted his office a very pale blue that I really like and will paint the hall and stairwell once the major work is done.
I think I'll take a rest day and work in the studio tomorrow 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to Wish Everyone a Happy New Year