Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Banff Day-17 (30) Last Day

Last full day in Banff and it was busy.
I started the day pressing off the last dyed cottons. Got a great range of colours.

Caught the pink sky sun rise from the rooms balcony

At 7:30am Donna, Wendy, and I went to the lakes just out side of Banff and caught the sun just coming over the mountains.

We upset a Canadian gander who was very noisy. There were a couple of geese at another lake that were totally ignoring him.
After breakfast Donna took me on a tour of the area. Our first stop was at the falls . The path was very slippery and only made it to the first falls( there are 7 along the trail.)

Donna taking photos.

Mid afternoon we were at Lake Louise and here I am with the lake and Victoria Glacier behind me.

Late afternoon we were back in the Banff area checking out the birthplace of Canada's national park system, Cave and Basin. My first experience to hot springs and I found it very fascinating. A whole new world to explore that I think is very interesting so I do have to come back.

The marsh below the springs
Donna was a great guide and made sure I got to see a lot in a short time. I have over 200 photos to work threw but right now I am trying to pack and that is a major challenge.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Banff Day16 (29) Catching Up

Sunday morning is a great time to get some admin type work caught up. Besides working on some research I thought I would update my blog.

March 20th - Another trip to the Whyte Gallery to investigate the archives and artifacts on display ( future inspiration) The Whyte holds a vast amount of work on the history of Banff and the Canadian Rockies and the few hours that I was there was really not enough time but I have started work on a few ideas.

Ashtray and cigarette holders from the 30s - how times have change.
After lunch I walked back in to town to resource the area. Every where you look there are mountains.
On the way back to the Centre the street followed the Bow River which had open water in some spots. I did have to stop a few times to take in the sights (and catch my breath as its all up hill. )

In this picture you may be able to see the river bed rock beneath the water.
A tree growing on the cliff.

Leaning over to the river below.

And there were lots of signs to warn of the possible dangers.
March 22nd- We woke to a good covering of snow that made everything look like a Christmas card.
Some of the music huts

But later the sun came out and it warmed up so I was able to take a few pictures of some the studios in the Leighton Artist community were we worked out of.

#8 studio has been the home away from home for us

A place for writers - the boat was brought in from BC.

Another Studio
March 23rd - 27th What can I say about this pass week ?We dyed!!!!

Donna and Lesley preparing the burners for silk dying ( the mad dyer in the back ground is Ingrid)
I was experimenting with a water base silk dye that required steaming. I had to let the material dry over night before they were steamed , the next morning discovered beautiful crystals growing on everything in a
rainbow of colours.

Silk drying

I also used Fiber Reactive dyes for the cottons.

The dye studio is built in to the mountain.

Silk wrapped in news print for the steamer.

The Steamer.

March 27th -was the opening of our Loose Thread (work in progress)Exhibit at the Other Gallery in Glyde Hall.

This is what I was working on for the last 2 weeks

The opening was well attended

Articulation 7 of 10 - Lesley, Gloria, Linda. Ingrid, Donna, Wendy and Me

March 28th - AGM no time for pictures but we are all still talking to each other . Seen my first robin for 2009. Spring has arrived in the Rockies.

This morning I pressed and packed away some of the silk. I decided I would wait till I got home to press the silk ribbon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Banff-Day 6 (18)

Almost a full week now among the mountains and really barely time to view them. We have also had a fair amount of cloud and a bit of snow. I have discovered that even when the sun is shinning I can't get a great picture. I think I may have to climb something higher to take the view in. The Center is surrounded by these mountains and I understand each has a name which I have yet to find what they are.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Banff-Day 3 (15)

Today was a work day. So was yesterday. It has taken me 2 days to get over the lack of sleep and jet lag and realize that the computer clock was 3 hours a head of the time I was trying to adapt to. Yesterday (Saturday) I did get some time to stretch my legs and wonder around the grounds to take in the sites. I had plan on walking to town to day but messy weather kept most of us in the studio all day working on our many projects.

I was experimenting with French knots but after doing a small sample I decided it wasn't what I wanted.
Hard at work
Ingrid and Donna

Gloria and Wendy

I'll have to try and get better pictures, at least a few similes.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Banff- day 1 (13)

Arrived in Banff this morning around 1 am and by the time I got to bed I had been up for over 24 hours. I got to the point I was so tired I couldn't fall asleep. But I did manage to get a few hours before meeting up with everyone at breakfast and starting the day. All I can say about today is it was over whelming ....so much to take in.

The mountains are spectacular and there is a view of them from ever window and open door.

One of the views from the rooms' balcony.

Directly in front of my room
Leighton Studio #8 were we work most of the time.

Down town Banff - Ingrid, Donna, and Lesley on the search for the Sushi Bar. My first time eating ell and it tasted like trout with out the bones.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The last 2 weeks have been busy with cleaning up the studio and doing a number of prepacked for the trip to Banff . Tonight is the final packing session and I think I will be able to zip the suit cases closed in the morning. .
Five Articulation members are all ready settled in since the 1st and spent the first week in the dye studio. Check out Donna and Lesley's blogs to get the latest updates. I will be trying to blog regularly so do stay tune.
I can easily get distracted somedays and this Squirrel with a pumpkin was very entertaining for a few minutes.