Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cat Eye ~Kaleidoscoping

This pass week has been busy with very little time in the studio but I have found some time to play again with Kaleidoscope Kreator 3. Taking 10 minutes to play with a picture I find inspiring and I'm very eager to get back to work.
The original picture is a closeup of Rudy's eye. His is watching the birds out side the office window.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Family -Art work-

As an Artist I am always looking for new inspiration that may lead to something I can work with at a later time. To day a couple family members helped me out by showing me some of the artwork they collect. I was intrigued by this one as I have collected Dragons over the years. Don't know who the artist is but my niece Niomia told me this dragon was a free hand drawing.
Another one of Niomia's , cute but I'd be afraid that the wings may droop in a few years.Nephew Patrick has a number of different tattoos and this is a new collection that he is just starting on. I'll have to check it out again at the next family gathering to see how it's going. I 'll also have to ask more question next time to find out who the artist/designer is and the meanings/inspiration.
I'm not really into Tattoos but it is artwork shown in a different media. I may have to do a bit of investigation on the subject, already the ideas are flowing.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where did April Go?

The month of April flew by and it still seem like yesterday I got off the plane from my trip to Banff.
I started to unpack my stash and sort supplies right away. I had to rearrange a few things to make room and as always the Studios' staff were there to help.

Rudy was sure not all of it would fit. He was right.
And there is always time to play

April was busy with a trip to Saint John to see Fredericton Fiber Artist Paula Keppies' Exhibit Wedding Revisted at the Saint John Art Center. Stunning work and it was good to see someone else could use cheese cloth differently. A week later I was in Fredericton to see the exhibit of Sussex Artists Alice Whitney (pastels)and Pat Mecer(watercolour). I did make a lot of trips back and forth to Saint John, Fredericton and a few side trips to Moncton. Nice thing about living in Sussex , 45 minutes to an 1 hour to any one of the cities.
I did join the Saint John Art Club the oldest art club in Canada.
I also was able to find time to attend an Ann Balch workshop here in Sussex. Great work shop and it was a very good reminder on all much I enjoy working with watercolours.
May always starts with a celebration somewheres around the world and it is no difference in our family because the 1st is my parents wedding anniversary. This year it is 61 years and they can still make each other laugh.

Marjorie and Murry Graves May 1st 1948