Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Updates

Last week was mucky and Dargo could not stay clean ( Doesn't he look sad?)

So now its spring and for the first time in record history we are going threw a heat wave. Today was +27 and the last few days were up in that range also. Our day time normal would maybe a +5. But not complaing it was nice while it lasted and it will come again in July.
Life has been busy with sort and packing up the lower studio

And slowly I moved it out to the farm

These rooms are now nearly full and there is more to go out. Later this weekend I'll move the dye studio out and then try and sit up a work space. The upper studio won't go for awhile and we will need to have finish a room or 2 so I can store things.Its sort of good that this house has not sold yet Its giving me time to get things done with out the panic and rush.