Sunday, July 5, 2009

Joggins NS

Last Monday I went to Joggins NS. about a 2 hour drive from home with my friend Joanne. It rained most of the time but it was the only time I had to spare and it was well worth the drive.
Joggins is the home of Joggins Fossil Cliffs a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.
My pictures are not the best but do check out the web sites.

If you are in to fossils it is the place to go but it is also a great area to get inspired in any creative work. Since fossils are all over the beach (can't take any) rubbings would be the next best thing.
I hope to go again this summer if the sun stays out for more then a couple hours.
Joggins will be one of the stops for Articulation's annual study tour in September of 2010.
looking north to New Brunswick

Not sure if its eatable Could have picked enough for supper but no bucket
Haven't eaten them since I was a kid and have no memory if they were good or not. I think they were sort of gross really. Bigger then my head and in near perfect condition
On display
The history a lone is mind boggling