Monday, October 31, 2011

Creative Women- Dream in Hands - continue

A few more pictures from the Creative Women Exhibit at the Saint John Art Center. These pictures were taken just after we hung the show and green tape were idents for the Center staff to later replace with labels.

Suzanne Bousquet speciality is Photography ( not mine as you will notice in some of these pictures) and had a great collection of rockscapes along the water.

 Deborah Payne creates both in fiber and paper

 Viola Pleasant Queen is a quilter

  Carol Woodley  creates using felt and a very sharp felting needle

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creative Women - Dreams in Hand

The second last day in October and its a snowy wet day. Really a good time to clean up and get caught up after a very busy fall. One of the things I was working on was the Creative Women Exhibit held at the Saint John Art Center in Saint John NB. This is a wonderful venue and Friday night ( Oct 28th there were 4 exhibits .Of course the first I will talk about is Creative Women . This is the name a small group of very creative women have given themselves. It started out as a Sharing ( and eating) and the next thing we know we are booked for an exhibit. A great experience and what an evening it was for the opening , so many people!!!

June Cable ( Creative Women founding member) creates with fibers

Woolly Wizard

Wolf View

Bertha Day creates with paper
 Five Dancers


Pat Neill creates in fiber

I'll add more as I get permission from the members to do so.

I too work in fiber and my 2 pieces were a bit different ... Both were hand dyed
Family Reunion was dyed with a chemical dye and heavely stitched with thread and then touched up with ink.

I dreamt of a Journey is natural dying with iron and goldenrod .