Thursday, December 15, 2011

We have the Keys!!!

So its done! We have the keys to our old new home and so very excited about it. It will be awhile before we move in as we still have a house to sell and there are a lot of renovations to do on this place but still excited. The house is over 100 years and we have nearly 55 acres so lot of room for me to plan out a spot for the new studio and garden beds with lot of plants that I can dye with.


  1. Speaking of plants to dye with I have an indigo plant. Could give you a piece in the Spring & I also have seed pods from it. I brought it with me when we moved, first from Halifax then from 273 Main St.

  2. Storme I am so slow on not only emails but checking the comments on the blog. I would love to have your Indigo plant. I am hopin to have a spot in the new studio for some special plants one being a hundred year old Xmas cactus.