Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Banff Day-17 (30) Last Day

Last full day in Banff and it was busy.
I started the day pressing off the last dyed cottons. Got a great range of colours.

Caught the pink sky sun rise from the rooms balcony

At 7:30am Donna, Wendy, and I went to the lakes just out side of Banff and caught the sun just coming over the mountains.

We upset a Canadian gander who was very noisy. There were a couple of geese at another lake that were totally ignoring him.
After breakfast Donna took me on a tour of the area. Our first stop was at the falls . The path was very slippery and only made it to the first falls( there are 7 along the trail.)

Donna taking photos.

Mid afternoon we were at Lake Louise and here I am with the lake and Victoria Glacier behind me.

Late afternoon we were back in the Banff area checking out the birthplace of Canada's national park system, Cave and Basin. My first experience to hot springs and I found it very fascinating. A whole new world to explore that I think is very interesting so I do have to come back.

The marsh below the springs
Donna was a great guide and made sure I got to see a lot in a short time. I have over 200 photos to work threw but right now I am trying to pack and that is a major challenge.

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