Saturday, April 30, 2011

April has Come and Gone

April has come and gone. It was a busy month with mainly home work for classes ( see but I did managed to snap a few inspiring pictures.
April 21 we had a bit of frezzing rain . The Huge pines beside the Studio were very pretty but I'm glad the sun came out not long after as there could been some major damage to both stuido and trees.

Took a day off from home work and Wayne and I went for a bit of site seeing down the river road . We crossed over at Evandale , down to Saint John going the long way by criss cross the river using bridges and ferries.

A stroll threw a friends garden - I don't know the name of the flowers but I was told they are nature to the area so will have to get some.  

The rubbarb was looking good in her garden

A drive along the Kennebecasiss  River taking another site seeing route to Sussex .

Always something to look at.

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  1. Enjoyed looking through your blog!
    The little blue flowers ... I think are called scillia. I have them in my garden.