Sunday, November 7, 2010


Not sure were the time has gone and really so much has been happening. Maybe at the school winter break I'll get caught up....

Going back to classes has been so different and so much work! Some of it is refresher and some of it is new. Back to basics of drawing and this time I understand what the instructor is talking about. A lot of 2D design is a refresher but the exercises are fun. I used my own photos which I thought worked very well together and this exercise was about liked items with an abstract.Not a new technique for me but using the gouache paint is. That product is the challenge for this semester. Gouache is also used in Surface design and I am still practising the technique of using the paint on designs

In the 3D class my first project was to make a soft sculpture.I decided to go with what I know, synthetic organza, it does manipulate so easily. The piece is finished but have decided to tweak it a bit before displaying so I'll just post a few close ups.

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