Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Standing Relation

My blog's main purpose is to be about fiber manipulation of all types but not much has been posted about it lately .Not that I haven't worked on, any just no time to post. I have been working on a series all winter and slowly it is coming together. The series is called Standing Relations and is based on a study I did of the BC rain forest a few years ago with the group I exhibit with Articulation.

Everything seemed so large on the forest floor . This first one is a fern and still a lot to do yet . It has been dyed first and now I am stitching all over. After the machine work is done I will embellish it more with paint and maybe a bit of hand stitch .

And this one was inspired by old trees that still have life with in. The fore ground is near completion and is layers of fibers. The back ground will be heavily stitched with more fibers and paint.

There are still a few more in the series but in different stages of completion I'll share those on another day .

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