“Work Shop for Creative Expression in a Studio Journal”

This workshop is designed for the Embroiderers, Quilters, Fiber Artist and anyone who would like to explore new ideas for original designs. There will be no stitching in this workshop.

Students will experiment with different mediums to start (or kick start) a creative journal using a variety of papers and other materials

A series of exercises will be introduced to develop a theme that could be used in future work or to instigate daily creative expression.

The workshop is five 3 hour sessions over 5 weeks. There will be homework.

Cost $150. Includes most materials.
Students are requested to have the following first day of work shop.

A 9”x12” (or there about) coiled sketchbook (Wal-Mart’s are suitable) A cheap set of watercolour paints, A small bottle of Elmer’s white glue, a fine tip black Sharpie, a couple pencils with eraser, a 1” 3 ring binder.

2 workshops are scheduled. Other dates are available with a minimal of 4 students and a maximum of 6.

Time 9am -12pm at Gated Hill Studio

July 2011

# 1st workshop – Wednesdays –
# 2nd workshop - Saturdays -

For more information or to book please contact me ReBecca Paterson @
Check out for future updates.